The Mysteries of Tri-Kazel

Session #1: A Life Choice, Pt 1

The heroes have recently arrived at Baldh-Ruoch after serving as merchant guards. Choosing to make their own way back without a guide, they answered an advertisement by Anais Cruysser, a prominent Magientist, who was seeking assistance to travel to Taol-Kaer.

Meeting with Anais at the local hospital in which she worked, she told the companions about how her ex-lover had stolen away their young child 12 years ago, only for both to perish at sea. Or so she thought. A merchant friend passing through the rural community of Mudan in central Taol-Kaer recently spotted her ex Ferian, and a teenage boy who matched the appearance of their child Eidan! Anais was certain that Ferian had faked their deaths so that he could bring up Eidan in an extremist Demorthien community without her interference. She now wanted the companions to escort her to Mudan and help her retrieve her son.

The adventurers agreed to her request, settling on a 50 Azure Daol payment, with half the money up front. Considering their options, they decided to travel in-land via Kalvarnach into the deep forests rather than taking the longer route along the coast.

One night while making camp, the group was ambushed by brigands! A fierce but decisive battle was waged, and by the end all of the bandits had fled or died. Danoal was perhaps disappointed that his attempts to channel the spirits of lightning were ignored in the heat of battle! The bandits seemed to have leather armour of decent quality and consistent style, suggesting these were not starving thieves.

A week after departing Baldh-Ruoch, the party arrived at Kalvarnach, the City of a Hundred Terraces. They had no idea of what the city had in store for them…


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